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Updated: Nov 14, 2021

What is your message when you share the 4Life products and opportunity with others?

If you would like to get people to ask you what you do for a living, Try this:

Ask someone what THEY do for a living, and after they reply, they usually will ask you the same question back.

When they do, you can use one of these answers.

Product Based Answers

1. I work in the health and wellness business with a new product that’s on the market called Transfer

Factor. Have you heard of it?

2. I market an immune system molecule called Transfer Factor, have you heard of it?

3. I market something called “Borrowed Immunity”. It’s a new product that just became available. It’s called Transfer Factor, have you heard of it?

Opportunity Based Answers

1. I show people how to build a successful business right from their home.

2. I teach people how to establish residual income in the health and wellness business right from their home.

3. I work with a team of people around the world. We teach people how to build an international business right from their home.

4. I’m an Entrepreneur, and I teach people how to establish financial freedom by marketing a unique patented product called “Transfer Factor”. Have you heard of it?

You can also add to the end of answers 1,2, and 3: “With just about zero capital to start”.

Or you can add: “All for less than 200 Dollars to launch your business, and that includes the products”.

Another addition could be: “You’ll also have direct access to multi-millionaires, who have already done it and they are teaching us how. It’s quite exciting!”

Approaching People with the opportunity

1. Hi my name is “Name”. I just started a business and I’m looking for a business partner.

2. Hi, my name is “Name”. I teach people how to transition from working a job to building a business right from their home. I do this for almost no capital investment. All that’s required is desire to make a change in your life.

3. Hi, my name is “Name”. If were to show you how to build a successful business right from your home, would you be interested?

4. Hi my name is “Name”. Would you be interested in learning how to build residual income right from your home? There’s a whole team of people that are doing this quite successfully and they’re willing to teach you if you’re at all interested. All that’s required is ambition, and the willingness to learn.

5. Hi my name is “Name”, I just joined a team where some multi-millionaires are dedicating their time to teach myself along with others on how to create a world wide business right from home. They’re not charging anything to TEACH us.

Yes there is cost to purchase the 4Life Products, but the time and education that is provided to TEACH your prospect has no cost.

Which ever of these statements you use, you MUST give your prospect an invitation before you finish. Invite your prospect to a local opportunity meeting, a one on one session with you, or a simple meeting with you and your upline. DON’T try to tell them everything at once, even if they get excited and want to know everything, it’s vitally important that your prospect sees the support team. With today’s technology you can invite your prospect to do a video call with your sponsor, or upline via WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. A three-way phone call is fine as well.

There will also be LIVE ZOOM opportunity calls to invite your prospects to. The Live Opportunity Call Schedule will be found on Just click on “Calendar”.

Remember by taking Action, and practicing your social skills, you will become very comfortable with what to say, at what time, with a particular type of prospect.

Remember that whatever you say does matter, but what matters most is how you deliver your message.

People buy YOU first. If you’re sincere and they trust you, they will be more inclined to join you, or at least take the time to look at what you have to offer.

“TeamWork Makes The Dream Work”

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