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Passionate About Inspiring Others
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"The history of 4Life would not be complete without Dave and Gabriela and their faith in the message of this company. Their enthusiasm for 4Life and 4Life Transfer Factor® has fueled 4Life's success from the beginning. How thankful we are for their dedication, and their examples of the best values for which a person can aspire. Their ability to teach and influence others is making a great difference throughout the world today. The two of them are such an incredible team!" 

~David & Bianca Lisonbee

Dave studied electronic engineering in college, but decided early on that he was better suited for an entrepreneurial career. Before being introduced to 4Life, Dave spent over 34 years in the network marketing industry, both as a consultant and distributor. After a series of successes and failures, he found himself in a difficult situation. In 1998, living in a small apartment, Dave was combating chronic health problems for several years.

While Dave was searching for the next opportunity, he learned about 4Life from a close friend. Leading up to this point, Dave was never introduced to a product that could educate the immune system. The more Dave learned about 4Life Transfer Factor®, the more he became interested in marketing the product and business opportunity. During a trip to Utah to meet the 4Life executive team and see the Home Office, Dave and Gabriela decided to sign up as distributors. It was that day that changed the Daughtrey's future, forever. 

When Dave first started, he didn't even have a car. However, when Daughtrey's made the decision to 

he and Gabriela made a decision and they never looked back. Gabriela and Dave both felt that 4Life was going to be a successful company, with or without them. Becoming Platinum International Diamonds has helped them lead the way for others, and is proven an inspiration to many 4Life Distributors. This has been such an exciting and rewarding journey. They are proof that anyone that is willing to get involved and remain persistent can reach the top. Dave and Gabriela have built their dream home in beautiful San Diego, California with a majestic ocean view. Outside of networking, they enjoy traveling, playing sports, and spending time with their five children: Diana, Leslie, Marcos, Brandon and Ryan.

Dave and Gabriela Daughtrey continue to be very involved in all the markets where 4Life has a presence, and have traveled to every country in which 4Life has an international office. Their desire now is to see others achieve their goals and share in the same freedom that they have experienced.

“One of the great things about 4Life is that by Together, Building People we can help each other accomplish those dreams and achieve success. No matter your definition of success, you can accomplish it with 4Life!”

~ Dave & Gabriela Daughtrey

  • Professional Motivational Speaker.

  • Professional Network Marketer.

  • Team Organization Reaching 700,000+ Members.

  • 4Life Platinum International Diamond.

  • 4Life President's Club Platinum Member.

  • 4Life Research Distributor Since 1998.

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